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Hunting Slams.  Do you have what it takes?

For the most dedicated, passionate, and determined hunters, there are a number of prestigious hunting honors that can be award for the taking of multiple game species using fair chase methods.  Years to entire lifetimes are spent by those who have heard this calling and seek such an amazing outdoor adventure.

Below are some of the most notable and respected hunting slams:


The CAPRA WORLD SLAM® is very similar to the OVIS WORLD SLAM®, however focuses on subspecies of goats, tahr, and capra.  All animals are required to be harvested legally, using fair chase, and registered / documented with the Grand Slam Club.

To achieve the CAPRA WORLD SLAM®, hunters must harvest 12 of the following species from around the world: American Mountain Goat, Pyrenean Chamois, Cantabrian Chamois, Alpine Chamois, New Zealand Chamois, Carpathian Chamois, Balkan Chamois, Caucasian Chamois, Anatolian Chamois, Low Tatra Chamois, Chartreuse Chamois, Himalayan Tahr, New Zealand Tahr, Bezoar Ibex, Kri-Kri Ibex, Persian Desert Ibex, Sindh Ibex, Gredos Ibex, Beceite Ibex, Southeastern Spanish Ibex, Ronda Ibex, Alpine Ibex, Nubian Ibex, Mid-Asian Ibex, Himalayan Ibex, Altay Ibex, Gobi Ibex, Dagestan (Eastern) Tur, Kuban (Wester) Tur, Mid-Caucasian Tur, Bukharan Markhor, Astor Markhor, Kashmir Markhor, Kabul Markhor, Sulaiman Markhor, Chiltan Wild Goat,, Goral, Serow, Mallorcan Wild Goat, Bezoar (Hybrid) Ibex, Feral Goat.

Wild Turkey Grand Slams

The National Wild Turkey Federation was founded in 1973 and has established six separated hunting slams, focused specifically on the ethical harvesting of wild turkey.  These animals must be harvested using local hunting regulations and through fair chase.  The six hunting slams include:

           Grand Slam:                          All four U.S. subspecies (Eastern, Osceola (Florida), Rio Grande and Merriam's)

           Royal Slam:                          Grand Slam plus the Gould's turkey

           World Slam:                          Royal Slam plus the Ocellated turkey

           Canadian Slam:                   Eastern and Merriam's in any Canadian province

           Mexican Slam:                      Rio Grande, Gould's and Ocellated in Mexico only

           U.S. Super Slam:                  Harvest one wild turkey in every state except Alaska

Grand Slam®

The Grand Slam® is another prestigious honor overseen by the Grand Slam Club.  Where the super slams focus on a variety of North American big game animals, the Grand Slam® is concentrated specifically on sheep. 

In order to achieve the Grand Slam® an individual hunter must legally harvest (using fair chase) and register four different North American sheep.  This includes: the Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, Bighorn Sheep, and Desert Bighorn Sheep.


The OVIS WORLD SLAM® take the grand slam to a new level, requiring hunters to harvest 12 subspecies of sheep from around the world.  Like other hunting slams hosted by the Grand Slam Club, these sheep need to be legally harvested using fair chase, and registered.   

These species / sub-species of sheep include:  Dall’s Sheep, Stone’s Sheep, Fannin Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, California Bighorn, Koyma Snow Sheep, Koryak Snow Sheep, Okhotsk Snow Sheep, Yakutia Snow Sheep, Kamchatka Snow Sheep, Putorana Snow Sheep, Aoudad (Barbary) Sheep, Gobi Argali, Hangay Argali, Altay Argali, Marco Polo Argali, Hume Argali, Karaganda Argali, Sair Argali, Tian Shan Argali, Littledale Argali, Gansu Argali, Severtzov Argali, Kuruktag Argali, Tibetan Argali, Kara Tau Argali, North China Argali, Chinese Blue Sheep, Himalayan Blue Sheep, Dwarf Blue Sheep, Mouflon, Armenian Mouflon, Esfahan Mouflon, Laristan Mouflon, Shiraz Mouflon, Konya Mouflon, Cyprian Mouflon, Transcaspain Urial, Afghan Urial, Blanford Urial, Punjab Urial, Ladakh Urial, Red Sheep, Kerman Sheep, Dagestan (Eastern) Tur, Kuban (Western Tur), Mid-Caucasian Tur, Hybrid (Corsican) Sheep.

Super Ten of North American Big Game

As the Super Slam of North American Big Game® requires hunters to legally harvest and register twenty-nine native North American animals, the Super Ten is a scaled back version.  Even though scaled back from the larger super slam, to accomplish this major hunting milestone will require years of planning and dedication. 

With the Super Ten, hunters will need to legally harvest and register one native North American animal from within each of the ten major categories: bear, cats, deer, elk, caribou, moose, bison / muskox, goat, antelope, and sheep.

Super Slam of North American Big Game®

The Super Slam of North American Big Game® is perhaps the most challenging of all established hunting slams.  Roughly forty years ago Bob Housholder founded the Grand Slam Club, establishing a community of passionate hunters who have achieved remarkable accomplishments.  Attaining the Super Slam of North American Big Game® requires a hunter to take the 29 species of native North American big game animals.   This is a quest that will take most hunters an entire lifetime.  All animals must be legally harvested and registered.  The 29 species of game include:

           Bear:                          Alaska Brown Bear, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear

           Cats:                         Cougar
           Deer:                          Columbia Blacktail Deer, Coues Deer, Mule Deer, Sitka Blacktail Deer, Whitetail Deer

           Elk:                            Rocky Mountain Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Tule Elk
           Caribou:                    Barren Ground Caribou, Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou, Mountain Caribou, Quebec Labrador

                                              Caribou, Woodland Caribou
           Moose:                      Alaska Yukon Moose, Canada Moose, Shiras Moose
           Bison / Muskox:       Bison, Muskox
           Goat:                         Mountain Goat
           Antelope:                  Pronghorn Antelope
           Sheep:                       California Bighorn Sheep, Dall Sheep, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Sheep, Stone Sheep
           Auxiliary:                  Atlantic Walrus, Jaguar, Pacific Walrus, pub-7974785835169956, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0